Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Litany - Sarah Lammert

We create a web of life.
This is finally the time to let go of that crazy notion that we can live separate and aloof from one another

We create a web of life.
This is the time at last that we can come home to each other, to our mutual belonging.

We create a web of life.
And we create a web of life out of which every single one of us can use everything our stories have given us.

We create a web of life.
Every part of our lives... even the cruelty, even the abuse, even the addictions, even the loneliness, even the failures...

We create a web of life.
A web of life is created within which you can rest in that knowing. Because out of that you can act. Out of that, all power is yours. Out of that, you travel light. Out of that, you can step forward.

We create a web of life.
Let every encounter be a homecoming as we step forward now for the healing of our world. The world is not going to be saved by good people or noble people. The world is going to be healed by ordinary people, like you and me, who are not afraid of pain and who are not afraid of loving each other.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


During a momentous battle, a Japanese general decided to attack even though his army was greatly outnumbered. He was confident they would win, but his men were filled with doubt. On the way to the battle, they stopped at a religious shrine. After praying with the men, the general took out a coin and said, "I shall now toss this coin. If it is heads, we shall win. If tails, we shall lose. Destiny will now reveal itself."

He threw the coin into the air and all watched intently as it landed. It was heads. The soldiers were so overjoyed and filled with confidence that they vigorously attacked the enemy and were victorious. After the battle, a lieutenant remarked to the general, "No one can change destiny.""

Quite right," the general replied as he showed the lieutenant the coin, which had heads on both sides.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Importance of a Moment

Life is made of millions of moments,
but we live only one of these moments at a time.

As we begin to change this moment,
we begin to change our lives.